I thought I was prepared for just about anything that could befall me. In fact, I was actually rather proud of myself for being so organized. I’ve spent a great deal of time encouraging others to “be prepared” to the point that I even wrote a book on the subject. And, most of all, I […]

I often play the ‘what if” game. I imagine a scary scenario then think what I’d do in those circumstances. It might be a massive earthquake, ice storm, or major flooding that creates havoc in our “just-in-time delivery system. I imagine what I’d do if grocery store shelves were bare, if food shortages caused riots […]

This infographic is based on an earlier blog post with the same title. This is the first of what will hopefully be many more infographics to come!  Please feel free to pass it on!  

How many of you have talked to your children about potential disasters?  How many of you have avoided this subject out of concern you will frighten your kiddies unnecessarily?  Have you have wanted to instruct your family about emergency procedures but just don’t know how to begin? Well, help is at hand!  BIG time!  Disney […]

Over the years I’ve been writing my newspaper column and more recently, this blog, I’ve received emails from readers asking a wide variety of questions. Most I can answer off the top of my head since I’ve been researching this subject for many years.  Some take a bit more thought to form a satisfactory answer, […]

It’s probably a good thing that I neither smoke nor drink alcohol because I have an addictive personality.  I can’t eat just one lemon drop….I eat the whole bag in a matter of minutes.  I know where every Taco Bell is located in at least five cities and find it nearly impossible to pass one […]