Hello and welcome to my website!
I’m Loa Kirk Andersen, and I’m an emergency preparation aficianado.

Aficionado?  Aficionada?

Okay…. enthusiast!


My goal is to inspire, entice, persuade, encourage and motivate you, dear reader, to seriously prepare for whatever life may throw at you:  Earthquakes, ice storms, hurricanes, economic collapse, trucking strikes, divorce, job loss, pandemics, floods, aliens landing on the front lawn… I write about everything and anything that can upset the delicate pattern of “normal” life.

Preparedness is much more than just having a flashlight in your car, a couple of extra batteries in your kitchen junk drawer, or a stash of chocolate bars under your bed.  It is self-sufficiency.  It is being in control in out-of-control situations.  Being prepared doesn’t make the crisis disappear; it simply makes it more manageable.

Practical preparedness now could very well make the difference between coping and chaos when something bad happens.  Personally, I have a hard time handling chaos.  I’m stressed if my double light switches have one switch down and the other up.  Chaos simply isn’t my thing.  As far as that goes, living in a government-run shelter using the same toilet facilities as five hundred or more other people isn’t my idea of survival either!

Preparedness is for the prudent person.

It involves planning, purchasing and practicing.  It necessitates learning new skills such as first aid, how to prune a fruit tree, or how to cook a full meal in a Dutch oven.  Preparedness requires thought and a willingness to learn… and the courage, energy, and determination to put your plans into action.

Why prepare?  To paraphrase a scripture, if you are prepared, you shall not fear… nor will you be hungry, cold, wet, scared, or frantically seeking shelter… or chocolate… in the middle of a storm.

I’m here to help you become a preparedness enthusiast.. .just like me!

~Loa Kirk AndersenThe Emergency Prep Lady