How many of you have talked to your children about potential disasters?  How many of you have avoided this subject out of concern you will frighten your kiddies unnecessarily?  Have you have wanted to instruct your family about emergency procedures but just don’t know how to begin? Well, help is at hand!  BIG time!  Disney […]

Over the years I’ve been writing my newspaper column and more recently, this blog, I’ve received emails from readers asking a wide variety of questions. Most I can answer off the top of my head since I’ve been researching this subject for many years.  Some take a bit more thought to form a satisfactory answer, […]

It’s probably a good thing that I neither smoke nor drink alcohol because I have an addictive personality.  I can’t eat just one lemon drop….I eat the whole bag in a matter of minutes.  I know where every Taco Bell is located in at least five cities and find it nearly impossible to pass one […]

AHHHHHHH is the sound one makes when savoring the first bite of a perfect crème brule or when slipping into a cozy bed after a long and tiring day.  It’s a good sound. AGGGGHHHH is not a good sound.  It’s the sound one makes when extremely frustrated, annoyed, or even just downright angry! Today, I’m […]

Hello!  This post is not written by the Emergency Prep Lady, but rather by her apologetic technical assistant.  Apparently our contact page has been “out of order” for some time now without our knowledge.  Many of you have tried to contact EPL – some of you requesting speaking engagements, asking for advice, offering advice, or […]

I have a neighbor who loves wildlife. Now, don’t get me wrong. I too enjoy nature. That’s why I live where I do…surrounded by an old growth forest that abounds in wildlife. However, I believe, rather strongly, that we shouldn’t feed the deer, coyotes, raccoons, and the occasional bear that inhabit our woods. My neighbor, […]

Broadly speaking, emergency preparedness is the art of being physically and mentally prepared for both short and long term challenges that we may face. There are a gazillion articles available on preparing physically, but far fewer on the emotional side of preparedness. When faced with difficulties during the chaos of a disaster, adrenaline surges and […]

I tend to be an “all or nothing” type person. I either do something over the top or I don’t do it at all. It drives my family crazy! Over the holidays, my son, who I mostly adore, spent a day organizing my garage. Oh, dear. At one point, he questioned, “Mom, why on earth […]